Optical Solution


The OPTOKON PRO series is a line of surveillance cameras that utilize advanced H.265 encoding technology to improve video compression, resulting in reduced bandwidth usage and storage requirements. This technology allows for more efficient video transmission, without compromising on the quality of the video captured.


Distributed Acoustic Sensing technology senses vibrations through standard fiber optic cables and only uses one fiber optic cable in the field to protect the perimeter. The FOTAS with OPTTA system provides 24/7 protection exceeding up to 100 km for oil, gas and mining industries, military installations, public buildings, airlines, railways and highways, power plants, border security and all major industrial and residential sites.

Ruggedized Harsh Environmental Data Network

OPTOKON a.s., is a leading global designer and manufacturer of fiber optic network solutions specializing in the production of military tactical components for use in harsh environmental conditions. OPTOKON currently supplies the military forces of more than 20 countries with high-quality military tactical components using unique Expanded Beam technology. Series components include:

Rugged Notebook

The Rugged Notebook can be adapted where mobile solutions are needed to control and manage your business processes with durable products with functional features for defense, production, logistics and similar operations.

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